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December 05, 2006


Robin Franks

RailRoad Randy
The funeral went great last night ALOT of people showed up Randy touched so many lives i was surprized to hear all he loved and loved him back It was wonderful and i got to see my step family and friends that i haven't seen for a long long time the hobos were wonderful Frog halftrack were there and few others they are such beautiful people wonderful hearts makes me happy to know my brother lived alot the way i believe don't judge others by the outer appearance you miss out on a beautiful soul and life long friends

They said he had a heart of a poet and an eye of an artist which was beautiful I got some wonderful photos someone made too . Truly blessed that i went I had the phone on so Amanda , his daughter could hear the service which was awesome she couldn't make it but was still part of it in a sense.

The communtiy all around loved him and he loved them back

They said Randy was never greedy he took what he wanted to eat and shared the rest he only took what he needed Once lady he gave some dvds to and she told him but i don't have a dvd day he gave her a dvd player with a remote she was deeply touched,. . he loved movies alot he had tons of dvds from way it sounded He was always handing out dvds and telling people jesus loves you wonderful . One person said a drug dealer came to him ...cause he use to be heavy on drugs...he just went man i gave all that to jesus he took it away i never went back to it ...all of the stories of the people that he met loved him ... i told randy long time ago that to me strangers are just friends we never met yet and when we do we have new friends to love and be loved by lady came up to me after the service and told me the saying and said his sis told him that long time ago when he asked why so many people are always at my place for thanksgiving that noone knows wonderful he took it to heart . i told the lady i was his siter and she hugged me and said you and your brother tim has that same smile he had and same twinkle in the eyes ...that was so sweet. so lesson in hand never judge others by the out ward appearance liek i said they are just strangers to others and they are over looked take this challenge let someone go ahead of you in line at the store or get on the bus before you give up a seat so someone else can sit down stop and say hi to people hug their necks who knows you may just be another stranger that gets to become a friend and perhaps someone you will be able to see again in the eternal life hereafter

.I met Frog and Half Track at the funeral and few others don't remember names sorry but wonderful people I am Robin i live in texas I am Railroad Randys sister

Arkansas Red

Glad to see the hobo is still around. Hope to make Britt some year.
Arkansas Red-Ozark Troubadour
Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

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