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January 06, 2007


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daniel houck

I should hope this site will stay around and update!!!!!!

Tia Oshields

A lot of people definitely love to travel to places - other than their home town or country - just to work. You've mentioned something about motor homes here. There are people who permanently live in motor homes. That way, if a client lives in a certain state, he or she can move to that state in the comfort of his or her own home.

charlotte vale

We plan to post a lot of pictures, videos, thoughts, stories, blurbs, etc

sean "goat" shea

I love this site keep it up push it further.....need help let me know Iam a railroad worker Sean goat shea let's talk make shirts art a news paper!

Augustus Poplos

Embarking on a perpetual road trip starting September 1st! Sold and donated all my personal belongings, and my girlfriend and I will be camping, couch surfing, volunteering, and sleeping in the car all over the US! We plan to post a lot of pictures, videos, thoughts, stories, blurbs, etc. We hope to interview locals on environmental and social issues to raise awareness. Please check out my blog and give us your thoughts, recommendations, concerns, or anything else you may want to share!

Don't know if I'd consider myself a true hobo, but we do plan to just work to travel, and travel to work.

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