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I live a singular life in two worlds, in settled society and in the Hobo underworld. I took to the ‘road’ in 1964 hitch hiking around Minnesota during high school. I caught my first freight out of Cheyenne Wyoming after getting busted for hitching on Interstate 80.

Soon after, my life went south after my wife ran off with a bartender to Arizona. I sold everything I owned and hit the ‘first thing smokin’, running away, then after a year or so, drifting where ever I damned well pleased. I got off ‘the road’ after a few years to settle down. That lasted about three weeks. I was homesick for ‘the road’. I returned to 'the road'. That lasted a few months until I got homesick for settled society. That lasted until I got homesick for the road again.

I finally got that all figured out when I fell in love with really cool lady named Dori. I still rode freights every year since then but not more that 7 to 8 weeks a year. Today I’m dangerously close to ‘house broke’, but I haven’t slid all the way yet. But I live an incredible life that I am grateful for everyday except when the Republican’s piss me off! I founded a marketing agency with Dori in 1984 which we still own.

Years ago my friend Mountain Dew gave me the name ADMAN. I was elected the 39th King of the Hoboes (in 104 years) in 2004-05 at the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa. My mission for the year was to pass the Hobo traditions, I’d learned from the old Hoboes, down to the young Hoboes today.

Dori and I have two children. I took my daughter out on a 1,000 mile run through the Midwest this summer. It was her first ride.

My mission in life is to make other people ‘homesick for their freedom’.

My message is:

> There is a major difference between a Hobo and a bum! A Hobo is free because he/she chooses their life on the road. The Bum is captured by his/her addiction
> There exists a rich humanity in the underworld which settled society is missing out on
> There is a rich humanity in settle society which the Hobo underworld is missing out on
> I may be the only human on the Planet who can translate that message to both worlds.


Hobby: * Hopping freight trains * Photography * Being with Dori and kids * Archiving hobo history * Writing Favorite Music *Spider John Koerner *Larry Penn *Rik Paleri *Banjo Fred *Utah Phillips * Tom Waits *Dire Straights Favorite Books * You can't win by Jack Black *Rolling Nowhere by Ted Conover